As a seasoned Engineering Director and Web Developer, I have become proficient in every position of the web process from design to deployment. I have developed high volume projects from the ground up using proprietary code and multiple MVC frameworks. I also helped bring in new clients to develop or manage their independent projects.

I stay in the forefront of technology to find new applications, techniques and methods that can improve a team or my own skill sets. With management experience I work well in a team environment and thrive to create a productive and entertaining work place.

Key Skills
  • PHP — 7+ years experience in PHP7 and OOP standards.
  • MySQL / SQLite — 6+ years experience.
  • Management — Managed Agile teams with duties from Team lead to Architect.
  • Web Dev — HTML5, CSS3/LESS/SASS, JS/NodeJS, jQuery, W3C Standards and Accessibility.
  • MVC Frameworks — Laravel, Yii, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Smarty, Magento, Wordpress, and Drupal
  • Toolsets — Git, GitHub/Codebase and Tower fluent. NewRelic performance management.
  • RESTful — Skilled in OpenGraph, Sage, Stripe, PayPal, UPS and other various RESTful api systems.
  • Linux / Apache — LAMP, Unix, RHEL, Fedora and CentOS.
  • OS — Highly experienced with OSX and terminal.
  • Highly experienced in managing multiple concurrent projects.
  • Code neat freak, commenting and indenting is a must.
  • Self-starter and always wanting to learn/develop new technologies and methods.
AKT Enterprises ( 2010-present
Software Engineering Director
Started at AKT as a front-end developer working with HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL. I quickly learned the company's web architecture and took over as Software Engineering Director. Leading the Web Development team at AKT, my duties are to manage and develop a wide variety of internal and external applications. Responsible for dozens of proprietary e-commerce systems that receive 3+ million users each month.

Key Experiences
  • Manage a team to handle everything from design to deployment with harsh deadlines.
  • Introduce and coordinate scalable code development (PHP/MySQL).
  • Bring in new clients, coordinate design/development schedule and deployment.
  • Design, coordinate and implementation of multiple RESTful web services for the company to use in other internal/external applications.
  • Maintain multiple Linux based servers to improve overall performance.
  • Build client relationships and deploy a small scale shared hosting environment.
  • Build continual development procedures to roll out bug fixes and new features.
  • Application optimization to keep applications light-weight and streamlined.
  • Teach internal workshops of new and old systems.
  • Develop new features and technologies to increase the overall ROI.
  • Integrat third-party APIs, including OpenGraph.
  • Develop and integrate e-commerce terminals. SagePay, Square, Stripe, PayPal and
Double Lunar Media 2006-present
While in high school, I opened up a small freelance company that worked with national clients.

Key Experiences
  • Building and maintaining client relationships.
  • Perfecting and evolving my skills while working on passion projects.
  • Time management.
Gulf Coast High School 2004-2006
As a sophomore in high school, I was asked to manage and maintain the school website. The first time in the district a current student held this position.

Key Experiences
  • Responsible for keeping the school website online and functional.
  • Responsible for setup and install of new PC machines for classrooms.
  • Design and Development of new applications.
  • Responsible for all aspects (design - deploy) of various independent school organization websites.
Date School Degree
May 2009 Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL Bachelor of Science, Digital Arts and Design. 3.55 GPA